T3@M Cyb3R WarRi0oRsS

-HacKeD by: Code Breaker (Prince Attitude)-

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M0sT RespecT FullY Its Stated That

Your Web Site Got Hacked By T3@M Cyb3R WarRi0RsSsS

When Injustice Become Law Then Resistance Become Duty

We are Resting Not Sleeping

Owned By Team Cyber Warriors

 Z   I   N   D   A   B   A   D

Team Members :

We Are MaDdY ZeOx - ALONE HACKER - SH4FZ33 -Code Breaker (PriNce atTItude) -Dayyan Haxz0r- HaXaN Ali -

Greetz to (( Xploiters - Pak Hax0rs CreW - Pak Bugs - PCE - King Arxal - Tha Jin - Zalim King -Mady Zeox - DayyaN Haxzor - Sm0ker Haxzor -

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